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Paint and Sip, Huntersville, NC

Join the others in Huntersville who have found our paint and sip events to be a great way to spend time with friends.

Paint and Sip in Huntersville, North CarolinaThere are some things that just go so well together than they are often thought of as a pair – peanut butter and jelly, hugs and kisses, peas and carrots, and bacon and eggs, just to name a few. Here at Cabo Winery, we have another great one – paint and sip! Of course, just about everything goes well with wine, in our opinion. But we’re always looking for a way to have fun with our customers, so when the idea for having a monthly paint and sip event came up, we couldn’t wait to start!

On one Sunday each month, we hold a two-hour fun afternoon event that gives you the chance to spark your inner artist while enjoying a wine tasting and light snack. The cost for the paint and sip class includes the canvas, paint, and other supplies, too. Whether you are an avid painter or not even sure where to begin, you will have a great time and it will be worth the short drive from Huntersville, North Carolina.

In addition to the wine tasting, you can also purchase additional wine to drink while the class is in session. We have about 35 wines to offer, so we are confident you will be able to choose one that you’ll fall in love with. Wine tastings are our way of ensuring that should you take a bottle or two home with you that you will be certain to enjoy. Our store is open before, during, and after the class, so you can shop for wine or wine accessories. Contact us today to reserve your seat for our next paint and sip.

Residents & visitors of ConcordCorneliusCharlotte, Mount Pleasant, Huntersville, and Kannapolis, NC can visit us at Cabo Winery for a Paint and Sip class.