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White Wine, Cornelius, NC

We are confident that we have a white wine that will pair well with any meal or occasion in Cornelius, NC.

White Wine, Cornelius, NC

There are literally hundreds of varietals of white wine grapes. On top of that, each varietal will have a different flavor depending on where it is grown and how the wine is produced. Hence, it stands to reason that there would be many different types of white wine. Some of the commonly recognized types are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Riesling. You can find these and more here at Cabo Winery in the Cornelius, NC area.

Whether you are looking for tropical notes, floral notes or something nice and crisp, we are confident that we have a white wine that will pair well with any meal or occasion. We are more than happy to let you sample any of our white wine offerings before you buy, so you can be absolutely certain that it gets your approval.

White wine can range from sweet to dry, even from the same grape varietal. How long the grapes are allowed to stay on the vine, if the wine is aged in oak or not, and many other factors will influence the final result. Furthermore, even the year produced can make a difference due to changes in weather conditions and other factors. That is why we encourage you to sample a wine before you buy it even if you have purchased it previously but it was a different vintage.

White wine is generally thought to be a good accompaniment to white meat meals and seafood. However, it can also be wonderful with red meats that have been prepared with a white sauce. If you would like to know more about white wine, we welcome you to come by Cabo Winery, where sampling and buying wine is fun!


At Cabo Winery, we offer the best White Wine in the CorneliusMount Pleasant, ConcordCharlotte, Huntersville, and Kannapolis, NC area!