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Red Wine, Huntersville, NC

We can help you choose a red wine you can thoroughly enjoy each day at home in Huntersville.

Red Wine in Huntersville, North CarolinaIt is well known that having a glass of red wine each day can be good for your heart, but that doesn’t mean you need to force down a glass of something you hate. That will never happen if you take the short drive from Huntersville, North Carolina to visit us at Cabo Winery. We have a number of excellent red wine choices that we’re sure you will love.

In order to be sure you choose a red wine you can thoroughly enjoy, we offer you the opportunity to try before you buy. Simply ask to sample any of our red wine options (or white, too!) and you’ll be able to tell which are going to make your “glass a day” a real treat. We won’t tell if you have two, though!

We offer both sweet and dry red wine options, so whatever you prefer, we are pretty sure we have it. Enjoy a delicious dry wine, such as merlot, bold Australian cabernet sauvignon, rich Australian petite sirah, Beaujolais, pinot noir, or Malbec. Or, ask about our blend of three wonderful grape varietals. For sweet, try our Sydney Red, Katie’s Choice or Cathead Creek sangria. We also have a number of dessert red wines, mostly ports with amazing flavor infusions.

All in all, we have about 35 different wines – both white and red – to choose from, so we are confident you’ll be able to find the one you’ll be happy to enjoy either on a daily basis for health reasons or just because they taste so wonderful. Stop in today and try a few for yourself!


At Cabo Winery, we offer the best Red Wine in the HuntersvilleKannapolis, Concord, Mount Pleasant Charlotte, and Cornelius, NC area!