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Buy White Wine, Kannapolis, NC

Rather than trust labels and end up disappointed, come in and sample our wines before you buy white wine in Kannapolis, NC.

Buy White Wine, Kannapolis, NCThere are three ways in which you can buy white wine. You can stick with one or two proven favorites when shopping at the local market. You can play hit-or-miss, hoping the label’s description is accurate. Or, you can go to a winery and sample before you buy white wine. At Cabo Winery, we believe the last way is the absolute best way to buy white wine.

Sticking with the same one or two wines can get pretty boring, and even though you are going with something mass produced, there can still be changes from bottle to bottle that you may or may not find to your liking. Not only that, but one or two is not going to give you the variety you might prefer, so you have one that is perfect on a hot day, one that pairs well with seafood, and perhaps another that goes well with that chicken poached in a delightful cream sauce. And these are just a few of the occasions for which you want to be sure to buy white wine that fits the circumstance.

Trusting labels is yet another faulty way to buy white wine since your taste buds might not even come close to detecting what they have put on the label. They may call it citrusy, but you might find it okay, for example. Rather than trust labels and end up disappointed more often than not, come in and see us and sample our wines. When you already know what something tastes like, you will never buy white wine on a hope and a prayer again. And, you’ll be able to sample various types, so you can buy white wine for the days and purposes ahead.

We’re just a short drive from Kannapolis, NC, so rather than take a chance, come by and buy white wine the best way possible – by tasting it first! We’ll be glad to help you find the perfect one, whether for drinking out by the pool or pairing with your dinner tonight.

Residents & visitors of Kannapolis, Concord, Charlotte, Huntersville, Mount Pleasant, and Cornelius, NC can visit us at Cabo Winery to Buy White Wine.