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Wine Tasting, Cornelius, NC

We offer wine tasting throughout our business hours, so you can be sure the wines you take home to Cornelius, NC are the wines you love.

Wine TastingDoes it ever annoy you when a wine label describes a wine in such a way that it sounds just like what you enjoy, only to find out that it was completely wrong? It is frustrating, and you may think that the winery has been completely deceptive, but the truth is that people’s ability to interpret taste is so varied that what tastes like citrus to one person can taste like leather to another. All a winery can do is describe their wine based on what the majority of their taste testers are able to discern.

All hope is not lost, however, because there is a better way to select wines. With a wine tasting, you get to sample the wines before you purchase them, so you can determine if you really do pick up on that cherry, citrus, or oak tones. Also, consider that a person’s tastes can change over time. A wine you loved just a few months ago may no longer excite you, and a wine you disliked last time you tried it may start to grow on you. It is not uncommon for taste to evolve as well, going from a preference for sweet wines to those that are dry, for example.

At Cabo Winery, we offer wine tasting throughout our business hours, so you can be sure the wines you take home are the wines you love, regardless of how our labels describe them. We do our best to describe our wines correctly, but we encourage you to sample them anyhow. We’re just a short drive from Cornelius, NC, so come on by and see why a wine tasting is the best way to select wines for your wine cellar or to go with tonight’s dinner.

Residents & visitors of Cornelius, Concord, Charlotte, Huntersville, Mount Pleasant, and Kannapolis, NC can visit us at Cabo Winery for a Wine Tasting.