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Wine Tasting, Concord, NC

Get a free wine glass with our wine tasting!

It is always a great idea to try before you buy at one of our wine tastings in Concord, NC.


Do you use the “trial-and-error” method for selecting wine? Do you find that often the most beautiful wine label has been placed on the most horrific tasting wine? To be honest, all wines have their following, so even though you may not have enjoyed a particular bottle, that doesn’t mean others don’t find it delicious. The only real difference between a good bottle and a bad bottle is your taste.

At Cabo Winery in Concord, NC, we don’t want you to purchase a bottle of wine you end up not enjoying or make a decision based solely on what the bottle looks like. That is why we recommend taking the time to experience a wine tasting before settling on your favorites. Whether you have been enjoying wine for decades or are relatively new to wine, it is always a great idea to try before you buy.

wine tastingA wine tasting can be a great way to experience new wines for the first time. If you haven’t had wine before, you will find it very challenging to purchase a wine, since you don’t know whether to look for something delightfully sweet, velvety rich or full-bodied. Even if you have been enjoying wine for a while, you may have stuck with just one or two that you’ve found enjoyable out of fear of trying something new. With a wine tasting, you can expand your horizons and learn what else is out there to enjoy.

We take so much pleasure in sharing wines during a wine tasting for our customers, and we hope you’ll come by to see just how much fun this can be! Bring some friends, perhaps after work or on a Sunday afternoon, and enjoy a wine tasting together. We also serve wine slushies, which are a favorite especially on hot, summer days, and have wine accessories and gifts that both men and women would enjoy.

Residents & visitors of Concord, Cornelius, Charlotte, Mount Pleasant, Huntersville, and Kannapolis, NC can visit us at Cabo Winery for a Wine Tasting.