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Add a Decanter to Your Collection of Wine Accessories

Wine AccessoriesOf all the wine accessories that can enhance your wine drinking experience, a decanter is one you definitely want to have. Serving wine from a decanter may seem a bit formal, and that may be what you are going for, but it also has real benefits that go beyond the aesthetic. A young wine benefits a great deal by decanting to soften the tannins that are present in the wine, so you enjoy a smoother flavor.

As a wine ages, those tannins break down on their own, but then they cause sediment in the wine. Using a decanter allows you to carefully pour the wine, leaving the sediment in the bottle instead of in someone’s glass. This is best done after leaving the wine in an upright position for a day or two before opening and pouring. A decanter can also be used for white wine, as long as you keep it chilled without putting it into the refrigerator where it will pick up odors and flavors from foods.

There are just a few suggestions for getting the best experience with a decanter. This is one of those wine accessories that you’ll need to care for properly. The best way to clean a decanter is with coarse salt and ice, rather than using a dish liquid that will leave a residue. If your water is chlorinated or hard, you may want to rinse it with mineral or bottled water. Leave it to air dry and then store it where it won’t get dusty.

At Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina, we have all the wine accessories you are looking for, including decanters that will work perfectly for enhancing the flavor and enjoyment of red wine. Stop by today, and we’ll be happy to help you select one that will suit your needs and answer any questions you may have.

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