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Buy Wine for the Flavor, Not the Label or Name

Buy WineDuring the prohibition years, from January 1920 to December 1933, Americans didn’t have much choice when it came to getting the wine they had loved pre-prohibition. They either went without, made their own, or went to a speakeasy. A label or name was irrelevant. It was wine! Fast forward to today, and the contrast is staggering. Big-box stores are loaded with aisle after aisle of choices. To buy wine today, you have to go on a veritable treasure hunt. With so much competition, the wine companies get more and more creative with labels and names, all hoping to capture your eye and thus your purchase.

If you typically buy wine based on the label or name, you probably find yourself either pouring a few down the drain or suffering through drinking them anyway. The good news is that as America evolved from no legal wine in 1933 to tens of thousands of wines today, we’re also becoming more selective about how to spend our wine budget. We do not want to waste our money on wine; we want to have confidence when we purchase it. That has led to the new way to buy wine – taste before you buy. Wineries, in particular, are more than willing to let you sample a wine before you buy it.

That is how we do things at Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina. We offer samples of our wines, so you can choose the ones out of our inventory of about 35 wines that you find pleasing and that will pair well with your meal plans. We’ll also provide you with attentive service should you need help choosing a wine gift or wine accessory. Our labels are simple. We will admit we’ve attached some cute names, but that’s because we like to make wine fun! Stop by today and buy wine with confidence.

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