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Three Wine Accessories You Need For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Wine Accessories

If you love getting outdoors and you also love wine, then figuring out a way to transport everything you need safely and securely may present some challenges. Wine glasses themselves can be easy to break, and the last thing you want is a wine bottle accident as you make your way to your picnic spot. To make things a little bit easier, you’ll enjoy having these three wine accessories to make your next outdoor adventure more fun and enjoyable:

1.  An Outdoor Wine Table – These wine accessories are the perfect addition when taking your wine outdoors because they can be easily placed into the ground for security. They also host two wine glass holders and have enough space for your cheese plate and crackers if you brought a snack.

2.  Insulated Wine Tote – Keeping your wine at the optimal temperature will make you forget you are sitting on the grass one you’ve taken your first sip. Whether you like your wine at room temp or you prefer it a bit chilled, an insulated wine tote not only helps to maintain optimal temperature, but also adds a layer of protection should you (ahem) unexpectedly drop your bottle.

3.  Durable Wine Glasses – While it may feel tempting to take your glassware outdoors, in reality, packing durable wine glasses is well worth it! You can find some that are perfect for camping, picnicking and other outdoor activities that will still give you the full effect of your favorite vintage.

There are a few other accessories you won’t want to forget, like your wine bottle opener, for example, but the most important thing is to know that you can have an enjoyable day enjoying the view and sipping your favorite wines. At Cabo Winery, we have some great wine accessories for you to choose from! Stop by today to shop our selection.

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