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When Did Wine Become Fun?

WineRemember when wine was something only for special occasions or for snooty wine tastings involving sip and spit? Thank goodness those days are gone, and wine is fun and exciting. It’s often the ideal beverage with everything but breakfast! Okay, total honesty here, it goes good with the occasional breakfast, too – who doesn’t enjoy a nice mimosa from time to time with their eggs benedict?

Not only is drinking wine more fun these days, but joking about it is, too. You can’t spend time on Facebook these days without seeing a new meme. For example, this one gets around pretty often: “This morning, someone told me I could make ice cubes from leftover wine . . . I’m confused– what is leftover wine?”

Another popular favorite is, “A good man can make you feel sexy, strong, and able to take on the world. Oh, sorry, that’s wine. Wine does that.”

For the exercise conscious, this one is a hoot: “I do yoga to relax . . .  just kidding, I drink wine in my yoga pants.”

If you agree that wine should be fun, we invite you to come to Cabo Winery, in Concord, North Carolina. We aren’t like other wineries where you may feel intimidated and out of place. We believe wine should always be fun, and we think you’ll love our friendly and fun atmosphere. Stop by for one of our wine slushies or sample some wines to see which goes home with you. You might even find one that would go great with your morning orange juice. We also have all the wine accessories you need to make your wine enjoyment even more fun!

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