Cabo Winery
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Wine Merchant, Kannapolis, NC

We are a wine merchant in the Kannapolis, NC area that you will want to come and visit just for the fun of it!

Wine Merchant in Kannapolis, North CarolinaA lot of places in the Kannapolis, NC area sell wine, but few have the wine merchant quality and fun atmosphere you will find here at Cabo Winery. We’d even bet that none of them do! We pride ourselves on taking the wine experience to an entirely new level. We do that by always thinking in terms of what we’d envision an ideal wine merchant to be like.

We imagine that an ideal wine merchant would have a nice selection of quality wines, so we carefully chose a select group of about 35 wines that we believe span the entire taste spectrum from sweet to full body that our customers would thoroughly enjoy.

We also envision an ideal wine merchant would be able to provide each guest with the perfect wine for them. We accomplish that in two ways. First, we don’t just ask questions about what you like; we listen to what you say and can help regardless of what descriptors you use. You don’t have to know wine lingo– we’re pretty good at deciphering whatever terms you like to use. Second, with our tasting bar, you’ll be able to taste wines, so you can be the final judge about what tastes great to you. We’ll never pigeon hole you into one kind – if you say you like sweet, for example, we won’t keep you from trying something a bit drier. We know everyone’s wine tastes evolve over time, and we would never want to stand in the way of that.

We welcome you to stop by, so we can show you just what we mean when we say we are not only a wine merchant you won’t soon forget, but also one you will want to come and visit just for the fun of it! Invite your friends to meet up with you here, so you can all enjoy wine slushies and relax a bit at the end of the day. We look forward to seeing you!

At Cabo Winery, we are the best Wine Merchant in the Kannapolis, Concord, Charlotte, Huntersville, Mount Pleasant, and Cornelius, NC area!