Cabo Winery
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Winery, Concord, NC

We offer the relaxed, fun experience you’ve always wished you could find at a winery in Concord, NC.


From the moment you step into our winery, you will realize you have entered a very unique place. At Cabo Winery, we offer the relaxed, fun experience you’ve always wished you could find at a winery. All too often, a winery is managed by someone who takes wine so very seriously that they have forgotten all about the fun part! We decided to do something completely different. We give you the opportunity to meet with friends, enjoy one of our wine slushies and sit back and learn all about wines in a casual, enjoyable way.

cabo wineryOur winery has a select inventory of about 35 wines, plus a holiday wine, that have been carefully chosen to appeal to just about everyone. We feel that too large of a selection is befuddling, and too small a selection is restrictive, so we fall somewhere in the middle. We also give you the opportunity to sample the wines before you buy, so you can be assured that your selection has the perfect taste before making your purchase. There is nothing more frustrating than to choose a wine based on a pretty label, only to end up pouring it down the drain because it doesn’t suit your taste. If we do not carry your particular favorite, let us know, and we will consider adding it to our selections.

We enjoy demystifying the process of selecting wine and seeing the joy on our customers’ faces when they’ve hit the perfect one. We’ll share with you the best way to enjoy your wine, how to pair it with the best meal and at what temperature it should ideally be served. If you want to enjoy an experience at a winery that you won’t likely forget, we welcome you to come by. White or red, sweet or dry, full-bodied or light, we have your perfect wine!



At Cabo Winery, we are the best Winery in the Concord, CorneliusCharlotte, Huntersville, Mount Pleasant, and Kannapolis, NC area!