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4 Tips for a Wine Tasting from a Wine Consultant

Wine Tasting in Cornelius, North CarolinaYou probably wouldn’t get advice about dealing with a health condition from your car mechanic, would you? When it comes to getting the best advice about how to have a successful wine tasting, it makes sense to turn to an experienced wine consultant for some tips. Here are a few they would most likely tell you.

  1. Take your time. Going through a few wines in your wine tasting in a mad dash will only confuse you in the end. At a slower pace, you will be able to more fully appreciate each wine and make a more accurate assessment about its bouquet, initial impression, and what notes sneak in at the end.
  2. Try something new. Your taste palette evolves over time, so be brave and step out of your comfort zone to try some things you may have disliked in the past. Try just a tad drier than you usually do, or sample some reds even though you generally only drink white wine. You just might be surprised at what you like now.
  3. Limit the choices. It can be tempting to try every single wine you can squeeze into the time you have or that are made available. However, it can be really difficult to keep them separated in your mind if you taste too many. Taking some notes even with a smaller selection can prove helpful. Just remember, the winery isn’t going anywhere, so stick to a few and make plans to return for others.
  4. Have fun! A lot of wine enjoyment comes from being in a relaxed and engaging mood. If you are having fun with it, you will find the wines more to your liking. Choose a winery that has a fun atmosphere that makes it easy to do that.

At Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina, we have exactly what you are looking for. Our fun atmosphere and knowledgeable, attentive, friendly staff will enable you to have the best wine tasting you can get in the area.

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