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How to Get the Most Out of Visiting a Winery

WineryIf you enjoy a nice bottle of wine either on occasion or with dinner every night, you should consider visiting a winery. However, just as you wouldn’t visit the beach without sunscreen, there are some things you need to do to fully enjoy your visit to a winery. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Research First – Before you go to a winery, spend some time on their website to find out what to expect. Take a look at their wine list to determine if they carry the kinds of wines that you enjoy. You should also note when they do their wine tastings, if you need a reservation, what costs are involved, and what their tour hours are.
  • Dress Appropriately – Each winery is a bit different, so it is usually a good idea to contact them to ask about what you should wear. For example, if you visited a small winery, you might not spend too much time on your feet. However, if you take a tour of a winery that’s larger, you might want to wear comfortable footwear.
  • Plan Your Day – Generally speaking, your visit to a winery will entail only tasting small amounts of wine at a time. Depending on your tolerance for alcohol, you may want to consider your activities after you visit the winery. For example, you may want to spend some time walking around or grabbing a bite to eat after you visit the winery.

If you are looking for a truly special experience in the Concord, North Carolina area, consider Cabo Winery. We will add fun and relaxation to your winery visit and help you select wines and accessories that will be perfect for any occasion. Come with friends for a great experience!

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