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Is a Local Wine Right For You?

Wine Merchant in Kannapolis, North CarolinaWith the plethora of mass-produced wines available everywhere you look, it can become mind boggling to try to select a wine you believe you will enjoy. And shopping for wine is quite a bit different from the many things on which you may look for the ‘made in the USA’ notation. In fact, sometimes it is nice to get an imported wine. But, there are also some very good reasons to consider finding a local wine supplier that can help you determine if a local wine is what is really right for you.

  • Help the local economy. If you are dedicated to helping the U.S. economy, you may be even more interested in helping your own community. Your local wine purchases help a local winery, which means jobs, for one thing.
  • Specialty wine. You are likely to find that local wine has unique characteristics that you just won’t find in mass-produced wine. The wine is often produced with more passion and simpler methods to give you an experience like none other.
  • Ability to sample. When you shop for local wine at a local winery, you can usually sample the wines before you buy them. No more mystery wine! You will always know that the bottles you take home are exactly what you love.
  • Variety. While you won’t have the massive variety that you get at a liquor store or other vendor, that in itself can be a real plus. It is far less confusing to choose from a few dozen options, and since local wine is exceptional, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a few favorites.

When you are in the Concord, North Carolina area, stop by Cabo Winery, where you will experience the best local wine choices in a fun and friendly atmosphere that is every bit as welcoming as the delicious 35+ wines we have to offer.

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