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Popular Wine Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Wine AccessoriesUnless you only buy wine bottles with a screw-cap or drink boxed wine, there are a few wine accessories you really shouldn’t go without. You probably already know that you need a good corkscrew, but there are many types to choose from and plenty more wine accessories that will further enhance your wine drinking experience.

  • Corkscrews – There are many different types of corkscrews, the waiter’s corkscrew being the most common. This type of corkscrew is simple to use and works well with both synthetic and natural corks. Another option is a lever screw pull. These corkscrews make opening wine bottles a quicker process, but they work best with natural corks. There are also electronic and battery-operated corkscrews.
  • Wine Stoppers – On occasion, you may not be able to finish a bottle of wine. When this happens, wine stoppers are necessary to preserve the wine until it can be finished. There are two main types of wine stoppers: a basic one will simply seal the bottle, while others can pump out the air so the wine stays fresh longer.
  • Stemware and Decanters – Have you ever wondered why a wine you loved at a wine tasting tastes different at home? It is usually because there is a difference in the stemware. A quality wine glass provides a better flavor.

These are just a few of the wine accessories available at Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina. We have everything you need to enjoy drinking wine with friends and loved ones. Remember, our wine accessories also make great gifts for the wine lovers in your life.

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