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Selecting Wine for the Perfect Gift

WineThe best wines are the ones we drink with friends, which is why wine makes the perfect gift for a variety of occasions. You may be hesitant to give wine as a gift because you fear you will not select the right one. Here are a few tips that can help you to overcome this uncertainty.

  • Taste First – Go to a winery and sample their wines. Chances are that if you like the wine, it will also make a great gift. This is especially a great idea for taking a bottle of wine with you to a gathering or party, because your host will likely open the bottle during the festivity and you will get to enjoy it as well. If there are a number of bottles to choose from at the party, at least you’ll already know what one of them tastes like!
  • Choose Quality – It may be tempting to go with a mass-produced name brand with a catchy name or label, but if you want to give a wine that will be the best received, choose a great quality wine produced at a local winery. Chances are that the recipient of your wine gift has been there too and already has a fond appreciation for their wines.
  • Observe – When you are visiting the person you plan to give wine to, observe what wines they have in their home. This will give you an idea if they prefer a light blush or bold cabernet. Depending on your relationship, feel free to ask them what they like.

If you are in the Concord, North Carolina area, stop by the Cabo Winery. Our staff will be glad to offer you samples of our wine and help you choose the perfect wine for gifting. We also have wine accessories that make great gifts.

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