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When Only a Local Wine Will Do

Local WineLife holds so many simple pleasures that can turn a regular day into something truly remarkable. Other days are special in and of themselves and demand careful planning. If you have ever wanted to make someone else’s, or even your own, day or event something to remember, you take the time to consider every single contribution to the experience. On days like this, only local wine will do.

One of the major life events people experience is getting married. From the proposal to the wedding and all of the anniversaries that follow, a local wine will make each one more memorable. Imagine being able to start a tradition by drinking a local wine during your proposal, enjoying the same wine with the guests at your wedding, and then enjoying a bottle of the wine on every anniversary.

There are many other special events in your life that can be more special with local wine. Consider drinking a local wine when celebrating birthdays, holidays, and more. If you are a real estate agent, a local wine is also a great congratulatory gift for your clients when they buy a home.

Additionally, a local wine is a great option for those days when you want to pamper yourself. Take a drive to the lake and relax at the water’s edge with a nice local wine. Pour a glass while relaxing in a bubble bath after a stressful day. The number of ways you can enjoy a great local wine are endless.

Before you head to Lake Norman for a sunset proposal or head home for that bubble bath, stop by and experience a local wine at Cabo Winery. We have about 25 different wines available, as well as plenty of wine accessories. When only a local wine will do, and we tend to think that is every time you enjoy wine, stop by and see us!

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