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Why Some Consider Red Wine to Be Heart Healthy

Red WineRemember how they said eggs were good for you, then bad for you, then back to good for you? The jury may still be out on red wine as well. Many are touting the heart-healthy resveratrol in red wine, and even many cardiologists are on board. While there is much debate on the issue, it is interesting information to consider, especially if you happen to enjoy a glass of red wine with your evening meal from time to time.

What is resveratrol and why is it thought to be good for heart health as well as overall health? First of all, because it is an antioxidant, it fights free radicals, which are known to be a detriment to our health in many ways. In addition, it can prevent damage to blood vessels and reduce inflammation, which are two conditions that can lead to heart disease.

The naysayers contend that the positive effects gained by drinking red wine are not long lasting, but if you enjoy having red wine regularly that is not of much concern. Being told to have a glass each day, which some cardiologists actually do tell their heart patients, is certainly not a drudgery. Even if you do not have a heart condition and are not concerned about heart health, any intake of antioxidants is a wise choice for those wanting to slow down that aging clock.

When it comes to truly enjoying your daily glass of red wine, one risk you don’t want to take is getting one you don’t care for. The way to avoid this is to come to Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina. You can sample our red wine options, as well as the white if you would like to, so that whatever ones you take home with you, you’ll already know you love them. We’ll help you make both your heart and your taste buds happy!

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