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Why You Should Visit a Winery This Weekend

Winery in Charlotte, North CarolinaIf you are like most people, your weekend is a bit of a frenzy because you have shopping to do and you want to have time to socialize and have fun, too. If you put visiting a winery on your to-do list this weekend, you will be able to accomplish more than you think. Meeting up with friends at a winery is a fun way to get together, and you can do some shopping at the same time. Restock your wine cellar or just grab a few bottles for the upcoming week. You can also find wine accessories, so if you have a friend or family member with a birthday or anniversary coming up, you can get that taken care of, as well.

You can even start your weekend off early by stopping by at a winery on the way home from work on Friday. Many find this a great way to end the week by joining co-workers who are all thankful the week ended without anyone needing professional therapy. Besides, wine can be a nice way to relax and let go of the week’s frenzy. If your staff has really stepped up, treating them to a bottle of wine that they pick out themselves can be a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

If you really want to put a boost into your weekend, come see us at Cabo Winery. Not only do we have 35+ wines and amazing wine accessories for you to shop for, but with our fun atmosphere, wine tastings, and delicious wine slushies, we’re the perfect spot in Concord, North Carolina for winding down on Fridays, or having some fun on Saturday or Sunday.

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