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Wine and Music

Wine in Charlotte, North CarolinaMost restaurants go to great lengths to impart the best dining experience they can for their clientele. They concentrate on the food, the décor, the service, the wine list, and what you may not realize is that they also carefully consider the music.  The reason for this is because research shows that sound can greatly influence your experience and perceptions, and where else would that be important than when it is vital that you perceive their menu offerings in the best possible light? The studies show that certain flavors can be suppressed by various sounds, which would clearly not be advantageous in a restaurant.

This same philosophy can also perhaps explain why you might experience different levels of enjoyment from the same kind of wine. Enjoying wine is something that truly takes in all of your senses. You already know that the bouquet of the wine can impact your perception of the wine. That is one reason why a professional wine tasting always involves putting the nose into the glass to inhale its bouquet fully. It stands to reason that other outside influences could also alter your perception of the wine.

At Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina, we understand the wine and music correlation, so we make sure that your experience here when tasting wine is everything it can be to give you the purest appreciation of the unique flavors of our specialty wines. We want you to enjoy it at home every bit as much as you do here, so we offer a fun atmosphere that provides the perfect way to shop for wine. Come see what makes us different!

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